Bharat Chamber of Commerce

An introduction

Bharat Chamber of Commerce has come a long way since its formation in 1853 in Kolkata, India. It is the only such institution in India being the oldest, largest and leading Chambers of Commerce. Rendering dedicated services and providing inspiration for economic and commercial growth of its constituents, the Chamber covers an entire spectrum of industrial activities from mining to iron and steel, agro-processing, textiles, jute and tea, Information Technology and Communication, Infrastructure and Real Estate Development.

Members of the Chamber include corporations and industries of all sizes, professionals, divisions of large multinational corporations and service industry organizations. The corporate members are drawn largely from the sectors of agriculture, engineering, textiles, leather, fast-moving consumer goods and customer services, and are not confined to West Bengal and the Eastern Region, but are from all over India.

Bharat Chamber of Commerce aims to boost economic growth of the country, social upliftment of the people through infusion of appropriate application of technology, and advances with a progressive approach towards reaching it. It carries a knowledge-base and a pre-eminent voice recognized in the era of ‘Imperialistic control’ before the independence of India, during the time of ‘nation building’ in the post-independence period and in the current globalized market.

Besides promoting trade and industry, the Chamber also takes keen interest in HRD in management, modernization of technology and preservation of environment. It encourages promotion of new entrepreneurship in the Eastern Region and, keeping this in view, the Chamber has also instituted Awards of Excellence in specified fields.

Affiliated to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), the Chamber is also a member of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), All India Organization of Employers (AIOE), Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA), etc. and maintains a close contact with other leading Chambers of Commerce throughout the country and abroad.

A non-profit organisation and registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, the Bharat Chamber of Commerce has its registered office now at 9, Park Mansions, 2nd Floor, 57A, Park Street, Kolkata- 700 016. Its new premises is underway at 9/1, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kolkata- 700 017.

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