Alliance Commercial Transport (ACT) is a leading Scaffolding and Shuttering Supplier. We supply on hiring basis numerous Scaffolding items (majorly Cup-Lock vertical system) which comprises of Span Acro, MS Challi, Cup Lock Verticals, Horizontal Ledgers, Steel Plates, Steel Channels, Base Jack, U Jack, Tele Prop and Spigot.
Our scaffolding and shuttering systems are provided on rent basis and managed by professionals, who have rich experience in handling them. We’ve worked with top construction companies and multi-nationals throughout India.
Our capability to quick response to customers and expertise in our work have awarded us over the years in the form of repeat business. It result in continuous growth of our company and enabled us to be a leading company in this field of Scaffolding and Shuttering supplier on rent basis.



  • Cuplock verticals are made of 40 NB “B class pipe”.
  • Both ends are drilled to fix spigot joints.
  • Bottom cups are welded at 500 mm distance position.
  • Top cups can be moved and retained by a fix stop.

Scaffolding Cuplock is available in the following sizes:

  • 1 meter
  • 5 meter
  • 2 meter
  • 5 meter
  • 3 meter


  • Ledgers are made of 40 NB “B class pipe” with forged ledger blades that are welded at the ends
  • Length of the ledger is calculated between center to center of two vertical.

Ledgers are available in the following sizes:-

  • 6 Meter
  • 2 Meter
  • 5 Meter
  • 8 Meter
  • 2 Meter

Tele Prop:

Prop Jack is available in the following sizes.

  • 2 to 3.75 Meters

Base Jack:

Types of Base Jack:

  • Adjustable Base Jack
  • Fixed Base Jack
  • Adjustable U-Head

Shuttering Base Jack & U Jacks are available in the size from 350mm to 450mm.

Walkway Jali:

  • Walkway Jali’s are widely used in the new construction, as it speeds up work in high areas by allowing more than one worker on the platform, and providing a place to handle materials.
  • Size available is 300 mm x 1200 mm

Spigot Pin:

  • Spigot pin is used as internal vertical to vertical jointer.
  • Spigot pin have a standardized sizes.


Clamps are available in the following sizes: –

  • 40 NB X 40 NB

Types of Clamps available:

  • Swivel Coupler
  • Fixed Coupler